Group Information and Action Program

Establishment of the Group * To stop the spread of communal violence and to connect people and youth working at different levels of society. *

First Meetup on February 22, 2015 at GandhiBhavan, Kothrud Pune

Second Meetup on January 24, 2016, at the Krishi Tourism Center near Ranjangaon,Pune  

Third Meetup in Vishwakosh Sansthan in Wai was completed.

The main purpose of the group is to construct a constructive work with social awareness.

With a view to get answers on current social issues, every month from 2016, one such ‘Good Idea Youth Lecture’  is organized by the group.

So far 9 lectures in Pune and 1 in Aurangabad has been conducted as follows

1-Gandhi, Ambedkar misconceptions and understanding of thoughts- Ramesh Oza

2-Environmental and changing lifestyles – Prof.Udayan Gaikwad, Chief Presence – Smitaji Soneji, Gujarat, Dilip Kulkarni Pune

3-Environment, Water- P. B. Shitole, Dr. M. H. Desardada

4-Sold out Education System – Prof. Milind Wagh and Dr. Ram Takawale

5-Corruption in Health Sector – Dr. Arun Gadre

6-Misunderstandings about Mahatma Gandhi  – Tusshar Gandhi, Sanjay Awate, Vivek Sawant

7-The key to life – Kalinditai Sarvate, Bramhavidya Ashram, Wardha

8-Gandhi Vichar In today’s context- Dr. Vishvabhar Chaudhary

9- Gandhiji’s memory is today – Jnanaprakash Modani, Prof. Jaydev’s eyes(Aurangabad)

* Group’s legislative program *

* Mission Education *

1-School kit donation

2-Nivara Ashram, Jamkhed

3-Blanket donation drive in pune

4-Usmanbad, suicide farmer survey

5.-Yerwada jail program for prisoners

6-Book launch of one member

7-Participation in TV shows and various other social platforms for spreading rational & gandhian ideas

Other activities

8-09March2017 One day campaign for this program through social media, in which 82 members kept fasting for one day to express sympathy to farmers’ suicide.

9.One day  Fast  program through social media, in which 354 members  From 22 districts of India kept fasting for one day to express sympathy to farmers’ suicide.

What happens in the group

1) There are two parts of this group, one is a Think-Tank working on conceptual level. Second is the acting committee, working on the decided concepts.

2) A lecture series every month and a info-session for schools and colleges

3) To bring a positive change in the thought processes in your localities. The work should start locally before making it available to a wider reach. 

4) Promoting the work with your understanding of it. Promoting an idea helps you analyze it without the borders of right and wrong.

5) Focusing on reacting on the issue of immediate conflict and doing other creative work differently at the same time .That is, the effort to put together the struggle for structural work and creative work at the same time.

6) To convince people of the importance of Indian constitution for the protection of democracy. If people are behaving according to the provisions of the Constitution, it will help in solving many problems. It will also help to create a humanist approach.

7) Finding alternative solutions to established methodologies. Thinking about an issue from different perspectives helps us analyze the situation in a better way.

8) Social change has to brought by being part of that society. Be open to different tracks of thought. It is not necessary to push your ideology forcefully. We have to be in the system to change the system

9) The problems that are faced by society are discussed in the group. It helps other members understand the nature and extent of the work others are doing. It also helps to understand the nature, scope and form of the work.

10) It is difficult to distinguish politics from social work, but each member recognizes his limitations. Even without any political affiliation, one can get some help from the government level to solve local issues.

11) The results of globalization are visible to the common man. It is important to think about how the level and involvement of the numbers in these modern streams can be conceptual and economically advanced. This will help to transfer the positive change to every member of the society.

12) Members help the other members who are doing village level work. They should tell what kind of help they need, so that their work can be supported by other members.

13) To make Alternative arrangements to change superstition, wrongful practices, ritualistic and vicious system. The common man must not stay in the void. And he can not be immediately discretionary. Therefore, the community will have to make new festivals, but they will have to keep in mind that they will not convert to rituals.

14) In 21st Century, the idea of ​​Mahatma Gandhi to “go to the village” should reach the people in a new way. For this, we have to implement the concept of “city in village = cilage”. This is possible with the help of current computer age. If that happens then the city will be built in the village, and the question of migratory farmers can be solved.

15) To give confidence to social-workers who has dedicated their lives to social activities, movements or reforms in society

16) Acting against rumors and breakthroughs  on Social Media, that break the history and current events, that results into false, social and religious clashes.

17) Most importantly, our group works as a help structure for the working activists and the movement. At personal and social level, you can help each other as well.

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