Social awareness Program Goon to Gandhian of laxman Gole on 24Sep2017, Chief Guest- Adv Asim Sarode, President-Dr Vishwambhar Choudhari

Social awareness Program Goon to Gandhian by knowing Gandhism Group

Mistakes are always forgivable if one has the courage to admit them. Laxman Gole, a man humble enough to admit his mistakes, intelligent enough to learn from them and mature enough to never repeat them is a fruitful result of Gandhi’s ideology – be the change you wish to see in the world. S.M. Joshi socialist foundation Pune, on 24th September witnessed a humbling talk by Mr. Laxman Gole which was organized by ‘Changle Vichar and Knowing Gandhism Global Friends – an enthusiastic groups of young and dynamic youth who work to propagate good thoughts amongst people and encourage a healthy give and take of vivid opinions.

Born and brought up in Ghatkopar, Laxman Gole was an inquisitive child who questioned everything he saw in his surroundings. The kind of surrounding his fate had in for him made him witness liquor, cigarettes, expletives and fights at a very young age. During a domestic fight when he was a mere teenager of sixteen, a victim woman who was being cursed by her husband in the middle of the street shouted out for help from the crowd questioning whether they would’ve helped her had she been their sister or mother. He stepped in to dissolve the matter and in return invited the fury of the husband. Out of rage, Laxman grabbed a razor from the nearby saloon and injured the husband. The police caught hold of Laxman’s father to bring him to the police station and from there he got ‘admitted’ in the world of crime. After his juvenile punishment, other kids didn’t include him in their groups leading young Laxman to automatically get included in ‘like-minded’ groups.

Thereafter follows a series of arrests and bails, threatening and absconding as well as fooling the police and the law. Jails have a world of their own, who dominates who is decided on one’s capital endowment of having coupons, home food and gang connections in the outside world. Laxman was nothing less than a ruler in the jail for his inmates. Being the ‘bhai’ that he was, Laxman liked reading novels when in jail, he recollects spending his ‘coupons’ in the jail to get books from K.K’s book shop. During one such reading endeavor he came across ‘The story of My experiments with truth’ and gave it a read. Heavily impressed by the reading, Laxman started to implement the ideology in his life by taking one step at a time by, speaking the truth for one whole day, being polite with others, confessing his crimes, completing his punishment tenure and apologizing to everyone who’s hurt because of him.

He learned the Japanese art of ‘Kaizen’ through a company called ‘Vedzen’ after his release and taught the art in the company since he was the best example of ‘Kaizen’ which means- a change for better. As Gandhi said- ‘freedom is not worth if doesn’t involve the freedom to make mistakes’. And how true that is! Later he got married due to his ‘Honesty and transparency’ policy and had a daughter whom he named ‘Satya’ which means truth. Currently he is involved with his own NGO- Saksham Foundation and works for the rehabilitation of the released inmates. A noble deed, indeed!

The program ended with the speeches of Adv. Aseem Sarode and Vishwambhar Chowdhury who were the chief guests. All three of them addressed the need of ‘mental rehabilitation’ along with ‘physical rehabilitation’ of the convicts. Each of them voluntarily is involved in propagating Gandhian philosophy among the inmates and taking peace tests also simultaneously providing books to the inmates. Want to know what honesty, truth and transparency look like in the contemporary India? Meet Laxman Gole!

Amiya Shaikh

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